Bead-to-Bead Measurement System M/C

The Bead-to-Bead Profile Measurement System ("B2B") is a special application using multiple Bytewise Sheet-of-Light Sensors to capture the complete cross-sectional profile of an inflated tire in a static measurement cycle. B2B is used in tire testing labs to check the actual inflated profile geometry against the predicted profile. B2B is also used to analyze competitors’ tires. B2B can also be set up to measure carcass growth on Tire Endurance Test Machines.



  • The Matching feature measures the profile to the design template (CAD file)
  • The Caliper Tool Bar measures the thickness, width, angle, radius, radius center point, bump, link, line regression, and formula of the caliper
  • Export function outputs all data points to an AutoCAD .dxf point file
  • PsServerApi provides an easy way to get measurement data from the PsServer in real time, from a C++ program
  • The Run mode feature is an operational mode that allows the system to run but no changes can be made to the program
  • Registration feature provides fast and easy automatic calibration and alignment checking
  • The Time Stamp feature records each measurement cycle with the date and time
  • The External Trigger Option triggers data from a rotary encoder or relay contact
  • Remote support services are available to enable software updates and training via the Internet via a secure link
  • B2B Software provides for the visualization of the measured profile, comparison to a design template, extraction of key measurement parameters.
  • B2B Sofware also allows exporting of the profile geometry point cloud to external systems for further analysis